Coats Were Invented So That We Could Have This Photo of Donald Glover

We need to talk about this Donald Glover photo. Afro pick in hand, single eyebrow raised, the Atlanta star is serving a lewk in this Gucci frock. Extremely Kanye voice: “Do you see this coat!” Peep it again: Could these be serious Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian vibes? The boots, the Cartier chain, the intimate interview that praises his “almost preternatural emotional intelligence” — it all amounts to Calrissian’s caped cool.

Photo: Joe Pugliese/WIRED

And then, because Donald Glover has the range, he’s photographed shedding a single tear! “Chain by Cartier; tear by Glover,” Wired teases. But this is no laughing matter. These photos are something to behold. Oh, what’s that? Did “Redbone” just start playing? Whew.

We Need to Talk About These Donald Glover Photos