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Drake Has Envisioned a Future in Which He’s the Next Johnny Carson

Heeeeere’s Drake? Photo: Getty Images

Because late-night TV certainly lacks for men, Drake figures someday he’ll also throw his name in the hat and get a show of his own. Guesting on his good friend University of Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari’s podcast, Drake said he’s already plotting his post-music career and it involves invading your TV screens every single night for 30 years. “My end goal, crazy enough … is Johnny Carson and the appeal of that sexy late-night TV that’s funny. I hope to get there one day where I put on amazing suits every night,” he says. “Just put on Tom Ford every night, sit with a glass of wine, and laugh with people that I’ve spent years with in the business, or friends of mine, and give people something to watch every night that makes them feel good and laugh.” Which begs the question: Is most of what he’s describing not already the life Drake presently enjoys? Just live stream his evenings sipping wine by the fire with J.Lo on Facebook and, boom, heeeere’s The Tonight Show Starring Drake.

Drake says the left turn he’s envisioned comes from recently reevaluating why he’s still making music (“to be remembered as an emotion-evoking artist,” obviously) and realizing that he’s ready for a return to acting. “I think I’m going to really start to position myself in the acting world and, hopefully, take some great roles,” he says of his 2017 goals. But, first, he’ll play himself: Now that he’s hosted the ESPYs once, Drake has announced he’ll host and produce the inaugural NBA Awards, where he’ll likely get to wear Tom Ford suits, sip wine, and get laughed at by NBA stars. Hey, even Johnny Carson had to start somewhere.

Drake Wants to Be the Next Johnny Carson