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All of Your Favorite Comedians Discuss Failure in the Trailer for Dying Laughing

You think national treasures Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock were never subjected to an array of rousing boo choruses during their prime stand-up years? Well, of course they were  ’tis the life of a touring comedian but did you ever imagine they would actually talk about it in a documentary? Twist! The new doc Dying Laughing manages to wrangle a handful of esteemed comedians to candidly discuss the highs and lows of their stand-up history, and boy, they sure don’t hold anything back about their shitty experiences. A random sampling: Kevin Hart fondly recalls the time someone told him he has zero potential, Steve Coogan reminisces about chairs being thrown at his face, while the late, great Garry Shandling questions if there’s a hidden secret to stand-up success. It’ll be available in theaters and on demand February 24. Maybe keep your day job.

Dying Laughing Trailer: Comedians Talk Failure