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There’s an Every Which Way But Loose Remake in the Works, So How Can You Lure Clint Eastwood Back to Acting?

If you’re hell-bent on producing remakes, you might as well be bold. As bold as a hard-living lovelorn trucker/amateur fighter traveling across America with a fully grown orangutan in his cab. Deadline reports that Every Which Way But Loose, the Clint Eastwood 1978 surprise-hit comedy that co-starred an orangutan named Clyde and raked in $85 million domestic, is headed for a remake. The Sex Trip’s Anthony G. Cohen will direct while James Fargo, the film’s original director, will produce. While an ape comedy might seem like a furry orange stretch, the movie, which birthed the successful sequel Any Which Way You Can, does have a lot of elements that would play well in 2017: serious actors doing comedy, heroes on the wrong side of the law and, of course, white supremacists getting punched.

Every Which Way But Loose Remake Is in the Works