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Ewan McGregor Cancels Appearance on Piers Morgan’s Show Over His Anti–Women’s March Essay

McGregor and Morgan. Photo: Getty Images

Add Ewan McGregor to Piers Morgan’s laundry list of enemies: The actor was scheduled to appear on Morgan’s morning talk show Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning to promote T2 Trainspotting, but announced that he would no longer be doing so after learning that Morgan was hosting the show and involved with his interview. “Won’t go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch,” McGregor tweeted and later left the set. The comments he’s referring to stem from an essay Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail criticizing Madonna’s speech, in which she said she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” (She later clarified that she was just being facetious.) In a tweet promoting his essay, Morgan then conflated Madonna’s violent comments with the overall global women’s rights march, saying it “wasn’t about equality, it was about Trump-bashing, bomb threats & hateful jibes at other women.”

McGregor has only made the one tweet at Morgan, but Morgan has since run wild with the incident. On GMB, explaining why McGregor wasn’t there, Morgan said, “Maybe actors should just talk about their films”; he’s also published another op-ed that accuses McGregor of being a “pedophile-loving hypocrite” for supporting his Ghost Writer director and convicted child-sex abuser Roman Polanski while claiming to stand up for women, and has been spamming McGregor on Twitter with links to the essay. “If he wanted to take me on over the march, he should have had the balls to do it on air,” Morgan replied separately to someone on Twitter. To (poorly) quote our friends across the pond, what a bloody awful row.

Ewan McGregor Boycotts Piers Morgan’s Show