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Father John Misty’s Music Video for Pure Comedy Features Donald Trump, John Cena, and Some Saucy Cartoons

Looking for answers to the meaning of life? Don’t count on Father John Misty to help you there. In his new single “Pure Comedy,” the human condition is one absurdity after another. The music video accompanying it, which the official YouTube version credits to Beyoncé website designer Matthew Daniel Siskin and “everyone in America,” interlaces television footage with cartoons of crude people young and old, in heaven and hell, engaging in some saucy (and at times violent) behavior. Some particularly well-timed footage is used to say some less-than-kind things about the new president of the United States, and will make you want to sit on the floor and cry like John Cena after a WWE upset. It would seem not even all the clips of cute animals in the world can save us from our fate as mammals born with underdeveloped brains.

Update: Turns out, Father John Misty’s gone and made a whole a new album also called Pure Comedy, out April 7. And it comes with a 25-minute documentary about the making of the album featuring new tunes, some shirtlessness, and lots of meandering around a version of Los Angeles that’s burning to the ground. Symbolism!

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