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Of Course Fiona Apple Made a Trump-Shaming Rallying Cry for the Women’s March

Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple.

This weekend, thousands upon thousands of activists are expected to descend upon Washington, D.C. for the Women’s March on Washington, while many others will join marches taking place simultaneously at various cities throughout the country the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Thanks to Fiona Apple, they’ll all hopefully be united by one rallying cry. Apple has already made it crystal clear that she thinks Trump is a criminal by releasing a twisted Christmas carol insinuating that he’s a child molester. Now, behold her latest contribution to the deep well of anti-Trump protest songs: the highly unsubtle “Tiny Hands.” Clocking in at just a minute, it’s less a song and more like a straight-to-the-point chant aimed at grabbing Trump by his own unmentionables. “We don’t want your tiny hands / anywhere near our underpants,” she repeats throughout the, ahem, low blow. The song was written with composer Michael Whalen, who’s known for making many an oddly satisfying jingle in his day, and uses audio from Pussygate. If this isn’t the Women’s March anthem, we’ll all have truly failed the cause.

Fiona Apple Made a Chant for the Women’s March