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Gaze Upon Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson in the Urban Myths Trailer

There was a bit of a brouhaha when it was announced last year that Joseph Fiennes would be portraying the legendary Michael Jackson in a satirical comedy series for Britain’s Sky Arts, and if you deliberately put that piece of information out of your mind (or just plain forgot), we’re here to inform you that the trailer for the series, Urban Myths, has now dropped. Urban Myths explores a handful of separate stories involving famous celebrities that have been “passed down over time and have now become part of urban folklore” — another one, for example, involves Iwan Rheon portraying a young Adolf Hitler as he pursues a career in academic painting — but the vignette you obviously would like to know more about involves the post-9/11 legendary rental-car road trip supposedly shared between Michael Jackson (Fiennes, sigh), Elizabeth Taylor (Stockard Channing), and Marlon Brando (Brian Cox). What could possibly go wrong? In the U.K., the series will air on January 19, with no air date in the U.S. yet announced.

Gaze Upon Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson