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In a Close, Close Future — in a City Not So Far Away — George Lucas Is Building His $1 Billion Museum in L.A.

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After George Lucas’s dream of building a bonkers-looking museum in Chicago was dashed this past year, it seemed the universe would have to suffer through the darkness of no $1 billion structure filled with the filmmaker’s prized possessions. “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” Lucas presumably thought to himself, as he set out to find alternate terrain worthy of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. While there were renderings made for two locations, San Francisco’s Treasure Island and Los Angeles’s Exposition Park, it was the Southern region that won in this war of cities. The futuristic design (see below) was created by Chinese architect Ma Yansong, but honestly it looks like a vessel worthy of Grand Moff Tarkin. The museum’s collection will reportedly include items from Lucas’s personal collection, including movie memorabilia (yes, nerds, Star Wars stuff), photographs, and paintings. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project will bring 1,500 construction jobs to L.A. and 350 permanent positions once it opens, which is way more than enough needed to wreak havoc on the Empire, if an occasion should arise.

Photo: All images courtesy of Lucas Museum of Narrative Art/Courtesy of Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.
George Lucas Building $1 Billion Museum in L.A.