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Bob Odenkirk Is a Greeting-Card Writer Who Likes Bum Fights in the New Girlfriend’s Day Trailer

You know how in Her Joaquin Phoenix’s character was a mild-mannered guy with a low-key job writing greeting cards? Well, the new movie Girlfriend’s Day also trains the spotlight on a solitary scribe who pens heartfelt sentiments for mass consumption, but Bob Odenkirk’s lead character, Ray Wentworth, looks considerably less Zen than Phoenix’s. This new Netflix original has a lot more violence and misanthropy than you’d expect from a movie about “the Bill Shakespeare of romantic cards,” but that’s probably what’s going to make it something you want to watch. Ray is in a rut, but when the new holiday of Girlfriend’s Day is declared, he decides to tap back into the creative force that made him a world-class card writer once upon a time. Things get more bizarre when he gets tangled in a deadly situation involving a murder that somehow seems connected to the just-created holiday. The movie also features Amber Tamblyn, Natasha Lyonne, Ed Begley Jr., Stacy Keach, June Diane Raphael, and Andy Richter, so there’s a lot to root for here.

Girlfriend’s Day Trailer: Bum Fights and Murder