Go Inside the Life of ‘Ziggy Zoggy Boy’ with This New Short from Dan Licata and Joe Pera

It’s been over a decade since Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla ended their run on Comedy Central’s The Man Show, but thanks to a new short film by comedian Dan Licata, there’s now a helpful reminder of why it’s probably best the show is more forgotten these days than it is remembered. Directed by Joe Pera, Ziggy Zoggy Boy tells the tragic tale of one man who loves The Man Show’s famous chant, gained unexpected viral fame for it, fell into a coma, was accused of being a Neo-Nazi and men’s rights activist, and had his life changed forever. “It’s kind of a funny story, actually. I was on the subway, and I was just standing there, and I was thinking, ‘How awkward would it be if I just did the ziggy zaggy chant right now?’ I was just thinking, ‘This is awkward!’” Check out the full video – awkwardness guaranteed – above.

Go Inside the Life of ‘Ziggy Zoggy Boy’ with This New […]