Gorillaz Have Returned to Disrupt Trump’s Inauguration With a Song That’s a ‘Lightning Bolt of Truth in a Black Night’

In these dark times, all anyone could ever ask for is the return of the habitually disgruntled Murdoc and his band Gorillaz to scoff at us all. Ask and you shall receive: Gorillaz are back! After six long years, the animated band has finally released a new song and accompanying video called “Hallelujah Money,” featuring Benjamin Clementine on vocals, as a salve of sorts to Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration. It’s been announced as decidedly not the first single from their long-rumored new album, but rather intended to be a “lightning bolt of truth in a black night” from Murdoc himself. That truth being that we’re all tremendously fucked if Murdoc’s the only guy we can count on for a measure of hope. “In these dark times, we all need someone to look up to. Me. That’s why I’m giving you this new Gorillaz song … You’re welcome. Now piss on! The new album’s not gonna write itself,” Murdoc says in a statement. Lose your minds accordingly.

Gorillaz Return With New Song ‘Hallelujah Money’