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Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring Will Live On in Better Call Saul

If Breaking Bad fans haven’t been keeping up with Better Call Saul, the prequel now requests five minutes of your time. But hopefully far more than that. Both Giancarlo Esposito and AMC have confirmed that the dearly departed drug lord Gus Fring will be resurrected on Better Call Saul’s upcoming third season. “The rise of Gus is coming!” Esposito tweeted on Wednesday. And while the network won’t say how much of Fring will return to haunt those who stood in his way, it looks like we’ll be meeting him again with his face still fully intact. Esposito appears in a new commercial for Los Pollos Hermanos, better known as everyone’s favorite chicken joint that’s also an elaborate front for the cartel. Try their new curly fries! What could possibly go wrong?

Gus Fring Is Coming to Better Call Saul