pomp and circumstance

Hamilton Coronates Taran Killam, Its Newest King George III, With Some Flashy Tear-Away Pants

There’s a new king in town, and he’s got sex appeal, ya hear? Hamilton is currently experiencing its latest regime change, as “King George III the Fifth” Taran Killam steps in for the current monarch, Rory O’ Malley, who’s heading out on tour. As has been custom since proto–King Brian D’Arcy James created the Order of the Garter to pass the buck to Jonathan Groff, the peaceful transition of power came with a spangly coronation ceremony. This time, though, Killam decided to spice up the ritual sparkly-garter exchange, ripping off some tear-away joggers to reveal a leopard-print secret beneath. Sure, Taran, cash in on the cool vestigial power trend. Like that’ll save you. Revolution awaits!

Hamilton Coronates Its New King, Taran Killam