Arcade Fire Will Give You Power to Dance in Their New Song With Mavis Staples

They’re back. Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC

It’s been more than three years since we last heard any new music from Arcade Fire, but the Montreal band has chosen an interesting day to break their silence, dropping “I Give You Power,” their first track since 2013’s Reflektor on Tidal. Yes, just one day before the inauguration of Donald Trump, Win Butler & Co. have unleashed a synth-y groove that seems just a little bit politically charged. “Power” employs the soulful vocals of Mavis Staples for a call-and-response with Butler, while the lyrics, which include “I give you power / But now I say / I give you power / I can take it away,” feel aptly timed for this political moment. While the band hasn’t confirmed the existence of a rumored new album coming this year, the song is a promising sign that there’s something in the works. And if future new music can’t feature vocals from David Bowie, at least we’ve already got Staples’s bluesy alto to be our guiding light.

Hear Arcade Fire’s New Song ‘I Give You Power’