Dirty Projectors’ New Song Is a Little Bubble of Big Tears

Next time you see Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth out on the street, stop the guy and give him a hug. Following a long hiatus, Dirty Projectors are gearing up to put out a new album — only it now appears Longstreth will be going it alone. The band’s first new song, “Keep Your Name,” credited only Longstreth and featured him alone … rapping. Needless to say, it wasn’t what anyone was expecting. Their new song, “Little Bubble,” is yet another solo affair, which all but confirms that Amber Coffman is a Dirty Projector no more (she’s also putting out her own solo album). And poor Longstreth sounds completely disoriented by the loss of his collaborator, despite having recently found Solange towork with. He sings of wanting to die after their little bubble burst over cinematic snaps of digital distortion. It’s weirdly soothing, even if Longsreth doesn’t sound quite as relaxed about the situation. We’re all just one giant sad Viola Davis snot bubble waiting to pop.

Hear Dirty Projectors’ New Song ‘Little Bubble’