Help ‘The Daily Show’ Figure Out What to Do With Donald Trump’s Inauguration Cake

The Daily Show now has a very interesting item in their possession, and they’re turning to fans to figure out what, exactly, to do with it. During last night’s show, Trevor Noah revealed that a fan who has some sort of connection to Donald Trump’s inauguration mailed the cake from Friday’s event – a cake that was an exact replica of Obama’s 2013 cake – to The Daily Show studio, and they want your ideas for what to do with it. “You should know, technically it’s not a cake. It’s all styrofoam, except for the tiny piece that Trump cut into,” Noah says. “That was the only real piece of cake in the cake, which for me was like, ‘Isn’t this the perfect metaphor for Donald Trump’s presidency?’”

Help ‘The Daily Show’ Figure Out What to Do With […]