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Stephen Colbert Knew You Might Need an Adorable Cover of the Arthur Theme With Chance the Rapper Right Now

Unless you happen to work with puppies or manage a livestream of sea otters holding hands in the middle of the ocean for a living, you probably won’t see anything more adorable today than Chance the Rapper kicking back in a comfy sweater in a re-creation of the Arthur theme song. Stephen Colbert, well on his way to becoming the coziest late-night host, brought together Chance, Jon Batiste, and Ziggy Marley, who wrote the song for the show, for a delightful tribute to PBS Kids’ meme-iest animated series. You can compare Colbert’s video to the original credits below.

Or, for a change of pace, listen to the slightly more surreal cover Chance released in 2014.

Here’s an Adorable Cover of the Arthur Theme