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The I, Tonya Movie Has Found Its Nancy Kerrigan

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Crucial news update: The Tonya Harding biopic I, Tonya has cast its Nancy Kerrigan, according to Deadline. Relative newcomer Caitlin Carver, with her dark brown hair and appropriately bold eyebrows, will be on the receiving end of Jeff Gillooly’s collapsible police baton in the Olympic figure skating drama from star and producer Margot Robbie. Robbie, of course, has recently been spotted on set in a formidable body suit to more convincingly fill out the muscular build of Harding, while Sebastian Stan will play Gillooly. Before too long we will surely see them in their skating sequins, with Robbie rolling out her best tears-of-failure face and Carver re-creating the legendary moment when Kerrigan was filmed lying on the ground screaming in pain following a violent knee shot from Harding co-conspirator *Shane Stant. Ryan Murphy must be fuming that Robbie’s LuckyChap production company snapped up this story before he had a chance to put it in Feud.

* This post originally stated that Jeff Gillooly was responsible for the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. It has been corrected throughout.

The I, Tonya Movie Casts Its Nancy Kerrigan