James Corden Shows How Easy It Should Be to Travel in America As an Immigrant in Anti-Muslim-Ban Cold Open

Fans of the current iteration of The Late Late Show have been accustomed to seeing James Corden driving around celebrities, singing duets, and setting a lighthearted mood at nearly all times. Those who tuned in to Monday night’s show, however, got to see a different side of Corden — in the passenger seat, on the way to LAX. In a rare cold open for the show, Corden made a strong political statement against Donald Trump’s immigration ban by demonstrating the ease of traveling in, out, and through America when you’re a foreigner who looks like him. He vlogs himself moving past protesters at the airport’s entrance, going through TSA without getting racially profiled, and boarding his flight having never been detained or deported for trying. The footage sends a simple but unmistakable message about privilege on its own, but it’s Corden’s damning endnote on Trump’s executive order after the screen fades to black that solidifies this as one of Corden’s most memorable segments to date.

James Corden Condemns Trump’s Anti-Muslim Ban