Jay Z Would Much Rather Talk About Activism Than Donald Trump

Don’t ask Jay Z about Trump. Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Spike TV

Wednesday night, Jay Z made a somewhat surprise appearance at Sundance to screen his new documentary on Kalief Browder. But, given the rarity of a Jay Z sighting, one reporter attempted to get Jay Z to talk about Donald Trump. “I’m not gonna answer that,” said Jay Z, with his new creative partner Harvey Weinstein intervening to end the interview. During a panel for the documentary, however, Jay Z took the high road and addressed the current political climate surrounding Trump’s fledgling presidency without ever saying his name. The Daily Beast reports that Jay Z threw his support behind last weekend’s Women’s March — which Beyoncé also publicly promoted beforehand — and made the case for why such large-scale acts of resistance will be a constant necessity in the years ahead. “I hate to sound like such a cynic. Everything is based on votes, and who you can put in office. We have to organize, ” he urged the audience. “I’ve been in these meetings, I’ve spoken with people, I’ve done many things behind the scenes, but most important: We are the power … that display of woman power the other day was so amazing and we saw the effect: That no matter what, no matter who’s in office, we are the people that’s in power.”

Jay Z Encourages Activism in Trump’s America