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Jimmy Kimmel Pledges to Keep Talking Truth to Power by Gleefully Mocking President Trump

Jimmy Kimmel would like you to know that he’s not just some merry court jester. Sure, it was fun to mock Donald Trump when he was a presidential candidate or even the president-elect, but now that President Trump is a combination of words that we acknowledge to contain semantic meaning, don’t expect Kimmel to go kowtowing to power. No, Kimmel used the evening of Trump’s swearing-in ceremony as an opportunity to take an oath of his own, one in which the late-night host promises to keep mocking Trump, fancy job title and global hegemony be damned. “I, James Lando Calrissian Kimmel, do solemnly swear to faithfully satirize, criticize, lampoon, and harpoon the president of the United States,” he promises. Now, he didn’t swear on a bible or anything, but one’s gotta have faith that Kimmel will have an opportunity or two to be true to his words.

Jimmy Kimmel Pledges to Keep Mocking Trump