John Hodgman’s New Book ‘Vacationland’ Is Out in October

John Hodgman has a new book in the works. Titled after his 2015 Vacationland show, the book will be published by Viking in October and feature Hodgman recalling “his physical journey to the coast of Maine and his spiritual journey of living through middle age.” In a Tumblr post about the book, Hodgman adds a little more info:

For once I am not lying. VACATIONLAND will be a book. The AP describes it as a spiritual journey to the New England and middle age. They did not accept my language “John Hodgman Tells Absolutely, maybe Awfully True Stories as he Sprints Toward Death in Emotionally and Literally Cold Places.”

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Hodgman about the Vacationland tour back in 2015:

In the past couple of years, due largely to my wife’s passion for the state of Maine, we had been coming here and disappearing. Thus, I had been shooting a huge gunshot through my career to take two months to sit out here in the woods and unwind in the evenings by drinking about a gallon of gin martinis, looking at trees move back and forth, and staring at water that is so cold that it wants to kill you. This has been an unjustifiable luxury as far as my agents and representatives are concerned, but an important part of my taking time in life to be with my family, to get out of the rodent race of entertainment, stare at rocky beaches, and think about my own death.

If the above quote is any indication, it looks like we can count on Vacationland to be pretty wonderful.

John Hodgman’s New Book ‘Vacationland’ Is Out in […]