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Jon Hamm Doesn’t Think Don Draper’s Spiritual Epiphany in the Mad Men Finale Had Staying Power

When Mad Men ended its run back in 2015, the finale’s big twist came as the Don Draper we said goodbye to was … happy? That, or just drinking the Kool-Aid in order to sell people a nice, cold Coca-Cola. Whatever the explanation for Don’s big Kumbaya conversion, Jon Hamm has very little faith it lasted. Like, at all. “I don’t think that stuck. I don’t think that Zen moment of understanding of anything really stuck. That leopard is not changing his spots,” Hamm shared on The Rich Eisen Show. “I think it was more about, he just had a really good idea for a commercial.” And so we have the ballad of Don Draper: always reaching for one bottle or another.

Jon Hamm Does Not Think Don Draper’s Zen Stuck