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Here’s a Video of Justin Bieber Getting Smashed Into a Glass Wall by a Professional Hockey Player

2017 NHL All-Star - Celebrity Shootout
Photo: 2017 Getty Images

Justin Bieber participated in this year’s hockey fundraising extravaganza known as the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout, putting his Canadian sporting skills on full display to give a group of hockey pros a run for their money (er, CAD?) on the ice. Bieber performed pretty well under the circumstances again, he was tasked with keeping up with the pros — but was still subjected to a not-very-fun body smashing from NHL veteran Chris Pronger in the midst of the rink action. Behold the face-in-glass-wall moment below, and take solace in the fact that Bieber was a good sport and had a laugh about it afterwards. (He also later scored a goal.) Way to go, Biebs!

Justin Bieber Gets Smashed Into Glass Wall