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Kevin Costner and a Stuntman Hunted for Mushrooms While Filming Robin Hood

Filming Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in the middle of nowhere came with at least one benefit for Kevin Costner: mushrooms. On The Rich Eisen Show, the actor recalled searching for shrooms with one of the film’s stuntmen. “One of my stunt guys came up to me — I was just getting to know him a little bit, and we’re out in the country — and he goes, ‘You wanna go hunt for some mushrooms?’ And I go, ‘What kind of mushrooms?’ And the guy goes, ‘The good kind.’” In costume and off duty, the two looked around the Sherwood Forest stand-in. As they poked around the greenery, Costner said he had second thoughts when he remembered that their next scene was a sword fight. “I didn’t hurt anybody,” the star said grinning. “But I did find some after work.” Watch Costner’s mushroom musings below.

Kevin Costner Once Hunted for Shrooms