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Key and Peele Bring Obama-Anger-Translator Sketch to The Daily Show for One Last Blaze of Trump-Induced Fury

If there’s anything more baffling than, well, every single aspect of Donald Trump’s transition, it might be Barack Obama’s remarkable grip on his chill as the change goes down. Because, sure, there’s repressing-annoyance-at-these-obstructionist-buffoons-level calm (plenty impressive on its own), but Obama’s holding-my-tongue-as-white-supremacists-lunge-for-my-legacy restraint is decidedly otherworldly. Indeed, the ordeal is such an absurdist marvel to witness that it pulled a couple of well-worn political commentators out of retirement, as the team of Key and Peele returned for one last sketch about Luther, Obama’s anger translator. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele brought the reprise to The Daily Show, marking Trevor Noah’s biggest get since he and Tomi Lahren traded baked goods. Revel in Luther giving voice to the shrieking caterwaul within, above.

Key, Peele Do Last Obama-Anger-Translator Sketch