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At Least 2017 Brought Kim Kardashian Back to Social Media

Kim Kardashian and her bodyguard Pascal Duvier in Paris
She’s back! Photo: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Just delete 2016’s entire Instagram account and start with a blank slate to curate. It’s fine. If 2016 was the year of realizing things, like the fact that maybe social media isn’t so good for one’s emotional well-being, then perhaps 2017 will be about unrealizing everything we realized. That appears to be Kim’s approach to 2017 thus far, as she’s already ended the social-media detox she began after getting robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel last October. On Tuesday, Kim resumed posting by first updating her website and app with a home video of the West family — including lil’ Saint getting sick and North cleaning up after him, awww — and then inciting widespread panic by momentarily dropping the “West” from both her Twitter and Instagram names. Thankfully, the mishap was swiftly corrected and she posted the same grainy family photo to each account. Crisis averted. Carry on 2017, you’re doing great.

Kim Kardashian Is Back on Social Media