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Listen to a Final Fantasy–Style Arrangement of Ariana Grande’s ‘Touch It’ and Please Don’t Ask Any Questions

Earlier this week, the news broke that Ariana Grande will appear in the mobile game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. What we did not realize at the time, however, is that Ariana Grande is truly committed to Final Fantasy, and that Final Fantasy is truly committed to Ariana Grande. In honor of the singer’s appearance in the game, Square Enix commissioned a 52-piece orchestra to rework Ariana Grande’s song “Touch It,” which, according to producer Nick Wood, takes “this fantastic pop song” and brings it into the world of Final Fantasy. “It had to get very exciting,” he says in a video shared by Square Enix on YouTube. “It had to get dynamic, it had to get epic.” The orchestral cover itself is not available on its own, but you can listen to it in the background of said video, while various video-game executives heap praise on Ariana Grande.

For comparison, here is “Touch It” in its original form.

This is the single most epic collision of pop music and Final Fantasy since Florence + the Machine covered “Stand By Me” for Final Fantasy XV.

Listen to Ariana Grande, Final Fantasy–Style