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Lil’ Wolverine Strikes in New Logan Trailer

To paraphrase Gigi: Thank heaven for little girls, because little girls are brutally unpredictable living weapons who can murder dozens of bad guys at a time. The latest trailer for Hugh Jackman’s X-Menfranchise swan song, Logan, has dropped, but the title character is very much not the clip’s star. That title goes to Dafne Keen’s Laura, the mysterious youngster who accompanies Wolverine and Professor X on a deadly road trip and possesses some kind of connection to Wolvie, as evidenced by her retractable claws and uncanny talent for lethality. The trailer doesn’t offer any plot or character information we didn’t already get in the acclaimed first trailer, other than a brief and silent appearance by Richard E. Grant as mad doctor Zander Rice. It’s fun, though! Get it, girl!