but is it art?

Mark Hamill Recorded Trump’s John Lewis Tweets As the Joker, Is Pretty Much Going One-to-One With This Bit Now

Does it count as biting satire if adding a cackling archnemesis sneer makes something easier to hear? At least Mark Hamill’s Joker has a charming nostalgia factor at play. The Star Wars actor has been hard at work over the past week, reinterpreting the president-elect’s Twitter rants through his Batman: The Animated Series villain voice. You can listen to his most recent recording, in which he snarls Donald Trump’s recent tweets against Georgia Congressman John Lewis, below. Here’s hoping Hamill commits to reciting all of Trump’s social media screeds in perpetuity, raising this gag to the level of fine art and becoming the preferred method by which the world finds out about the president’s Twitter beefs. 

Mark Hamill Joker-fied Trump’s John Lewis Tweets