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Sit Back and Enjoy This Audio Clip of Mark Hamill Reading Trump’s Streep Tweets As the Joker

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Seemingly unsatisfied with the first round of Donald Trump tweets he read aloud with his signature Joker voice last week striking fear into the hearts of all of Gotham’s haters and losers, truly Mark Hamill decided to recite even more Twitter ramblings from the president-elect with the help of his villainous Batman: The Animated Series character. “Am I the only one man enough to confront this #OverratedFunkyLoser without resorting to an ad hominem assault?” Hamill tweeted Saturday afternoon with a link to his newest sinister reading, this time taking the source material from Trump’s recent Twitter tirade about Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech. We’re not entirely sure, Mark. So we’re just gonna try not to shiver too much when you linger at “dishonest media” and guffaw into the oblivion.

Mark Hamill Reads Trump Tweets As the Joker