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Watch Mary Tyler Moore Surprise an Utterly Ecstatic Oprah

As the world mourns the death of Mary Tyler Moore, who died earlier today at the age of 80, let’s revisit a heartwarming blast from the past. In 1997, Oprah Winfrey dedicated an entire Oprah Winfrey Show telecast to Moore, one of her “favorite women” of all time who was her sole inspiration during her formative years. “Mary Tyler Moore. One of the greatest, ever. I love her,” Winfrey explained during what she thought was the end of a segment. “Thank you, Mary, for being such an inspiration to us all; all of us women in television. Thank you very much.” But, surprise — Moore was actually backstage the entire time, and Winfrey’s reaction when she walked out to surprise her is truly a thing of pure, screaming-up-and-down joy. It’s not every day you meet your heroes, after all.

Mary Tyler Moore Surprised an Ecstatic Oprah