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Megan Mullally Talks Will & Grace Reunion and That Time Guest Star Madonna Didn’t Know Anyone’s Name on Set

Will & Grace is returning to NBC later this year, and if there’s one thing that show was known for in its prime, it was featuring cameos from every gay icon alive in the early 2000s. The series also won 16 Emmys, brought lovable LGBTQ characters into every living room in America, and made Megan Mullally a household name (if your household was cool), so it stands to reason that this time around, Madonna might remember that the cast have their own human names. As Mullally explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Madonna was a pleasure to shoot with but apparently couldn’t quite get her head around the idea that the actors were not actually called Will and/or Grace in real life. “Why should she? Who cares? She’s doing our show!” Mullally exclaims. Somewhere Madonna is nodding and smiling benevolently. She always knew Karen was her favorite.

Megan Mullally Looks Back at Will & Grace