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Seth Meyers Confronts Kellyanne Conway About the Latest Trump and Russia Allegations

Shortly after news broke that President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama were briefed with unsubstantiated intelligence claiming that Russia had “compromised” Trump with damning intel, Kellyanne Conway made her scheduled appearance on Seth Meyers’s Late Show. Though Meyers has a reputation for hitting the Republican leader hard on his comedy show, the bizarre story, which allegedly involves a British spy who was paid by never-Trump Republicans to dig up dirt, was ripe for the picking. Conway was quick to put her spin on the story, blaming intelligence agencies for the leak, while Meyers attempted to keep the conversation to the facts reported. When Conway claimed Trump knew nothing of the intelligence memo despite news articles clearly stating that the president-elect had received a briefing, Meyers replied, “This concerns me.” Silly Meyers. Doesn’t he know Trump doesn’t need most intelligence briefings?

Meyers & Kellyanne Conway Talk Trump Bombshell