hidden fences

Michael Keaton Also Thinks Hidden Figures Is Called ‘Hidden Fences’

In what’s quickly become this year’s Adele Dazeem, the movie “Hidden Fences” is apparently a contender for several awards. The awkward conflation of Hidden Figures and Fences was first uttered on the red carpet by Jenna Bush (to Pharrell’s face), but you better believe the error made its way onto the main show. While presenting the award for Best Supporting Actress, Michael Keaton repeated the flub. But even worse, he did it while announcing Octavia Spencer, of Hidden Figures, as a nominee. She lost to Viola Davis, of Fences, which is still very not much the same movie as Hidden Figures, much as we’re snot-crying at the thought of Viola engineering a fence during the space race.

Michael Keaton Also Mixed Up ‘Hidden Fences’