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Michael Strahan Is in It to Win Pyramid on the Tonight Show, Even If He Loses

Sure, you can take the Super Bowl–winning football champion off the field and let his natural charms win over America through daytime television and game shows, but that’s not going to dull his competitive spirit. During Monday night’s Tonight Show, Michael Strahan, who is the host of ABC’s The $100,000 Pyramid, took a turn playing the game, and though no money — only bragging rights — was on the line, Strahan brought his focus to the competition. Unfortunately, his teammate, Bryce Dallas Howard, wasn’t quite as familiar with the classic game show or with common text-message language for kind of laughing that uses three letters. Jimmy Fallon and Questlove were much better prepared and knew how to properly fight a buzzer technicality. Still, Strahan’s optimism and love of the game remained intact until the bitter, highly contested last call.

Michael Strahan Is in It to Win Pyramid