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Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon Silly-Up As They Shimmy Down in a USA vs. Canada Dance-Off

While America, by unpopular yet Electorally official demand, gets great again (whatever that means), over on The Tonight Show the might of American former Saturday Night Live silly-dancer Jimmy Fallon was tested against Canadian former SNL silly-dancer Mike Myers. The two battled it out with moves like Myers’s “Hot Poutine” and Fallon’s writhing “Windy Plastic Bag.” Fallon, perhaps realizing that his “Which Pocket Did I Put My Keys In?” dance could never beat Myers’s “Perpetual Motion” — or, more likely, following the cue cards — called a truce between the two North American rivals. Yet, though the two come together to form the dance version of the Treaty of Ghent — you know, the one that ended the War of 1812 — “the Slip ‘N Slide” did not present either champion absurd dancer in his best light. We’ll try not to take that as a bad omen of future relations between the two nations.

Mike Myers & Jimmy Fallon Silly-Up the Dance-Off