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MMA Promoter Invites Meryl Streep to Watch a Fight After Her Golden Globes Diss

This is not how you ask out Meryl Streep. Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Because you can’t please everyone, not only has Meryl Streep made an enemy out of the future president with her critical Golden Globes speech last night, she’s also upset an entire sport. In her speech, Streep warned the president-elect that if he starts exiling “foreigners” at will, he’d essentially be wiping out Hollywood and therefore leaving Americans with nothing to expand their cultural palate with but football and MMA, “which are not the arts” no matter what MMA may be an abbreviation for. This appears to have struck a nerve with those who work in MMA, namely Bellator MMA promoter Scott Coker, who has offered Streep an unsolicited invite to attend an upcoming fight with him so she can experience the full artistic beauty of two muscular men writhing around on the ground and beating each other to a bloody pulp. No word on whether or not possible soon-to-be fellow actor Conor McGregor will be Meryl’s arm candy at the fight, if she accepts. Now that would be some real art to behold.

MMA Promoter Invites Meryl Streep to Watch Fight