The Mountain Goats Wrote a Star Wars Song, and There’s a Lot More Cannibalism Than You’d Expect

You’ve always said the Star Wars series was missing just two things: meta references to the fact it’s actually a film franchise, and human cannibalism. You thought no one was listening to your suggestions, as they are both insane, but, as revealed in a new story-song written by the Mountain Goat’s John Darnielle, Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi is so named because the last Jedi ate all the other Jedi, specifically just their bones. Okay, so, maybe the song has nothing to do with the actual plot, but, born of Darnielle’s insistence that director Rian Johnson name the upcoming franchise installment “The Ultimate Jedi Who Wastes All the Other Jedi and Eats Their Bones,” the Episode VIII director gave his highest blessing to the song, dubbing it “canon.” Sounds like Luke’s been alone on that island way, way, waaaaay too long. Got that bone madness.

The Mountain Goats Wrote a Star Wars Song