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Nancy Grace’s New Website Has Reached Real-Deal Nightcrawler Status & Elite Daily Holiday Party With Jason Derulo
Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail

She’s done it, fellow civilians: Nancy Grace — without a gun, badge, or even a TV news show — is getting closer and closer to Nightcrawler’s vision. The infamous former HLN host has staked out a new home on the internet: (Google it, because obviously we won’t be linking to that here). “It will be the go-to for crime sleuths and people who want knowledge about crime and crime fighting,” Grace told Business Insider. She promises the site will be a one-stop shop for unregulated, amateur crime fighting, where readers are encouraged to contribute their own input and theories. There’s also a podcast, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, if you prefer your vigilantism via earbuds. “[The podcast] will feature calling. Because I really like talking to viewers and listeners,” Grace explained. “I mean, they have more common sense than I believe any of the so-called intellectuals that are constantly commenting even when they are not asked to.” Is it too late to just delete the internet and start over?

Nancy Grace Has Reached Nightcrawler Status