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Naomie Harris Joins Monster Movie Rampage With the Rock, Because Oscar Nominees Do What They Want

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

True vision and very good actress Naomie Harris has been pounding the awards pavement for months now, receiving all kinds of praise for her grizzled turn as a junkie single mother in Moonlight. She’s been nominated for many awards, and could still take home a Screen Actors Guild trophy this weekend, or even an Oscar at the end of next month. But Moonlight is an emotional minefield, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Harris is going to decompress by joining Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in Rampage, an action movie based on a video game about monsters trying demolish cities and avoid being annihilated by military defenses. San Andreas director Brad Peyton will team up with the Rock again to wreck more cityscapes for the enjoyment of movie fans, but since the game lets you play as the monsters, it’s unknown how the movie will focus on the human element of the “plot.” The Rock will play “an animal-loving hero who is the world’s only hope,” and Harris will star opposite as “a geneticist with a moral streak,” putting her in stark contrast to your typical, highly amoral geneticist. So really, it’s fundamentally a story about survival, much like Moonlight.

Naomie Harris to Rampage With the Rock