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Nashville Gets in on After-Show Rush With Nashchat, Though Chris Hardwick Will Probably Sit This One Out

Connie Britton in “Nashville.” Photo: Mark Levine/ABC/Getty Images

It wasn’t so long ago that ABC canceled Nashville, consigning us to a fate in which the songbird had croaked out its last tune. But then CMT stepped in to save day, and now the Nashville content just won’t stop coming. Deadline reports that the show is getting an after show, following the example of similarly heady dramas like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. It’s called Nashchat and won’t air on CMT proper, instead mainly existing as a Facebook Live chat, with additional Nashville content filtered out through other social-media accounts. Nashchat will debut on CMT’s Facebook page after Nashville’s January 6 premiere, with country-radio host Amy Brown hosting and Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) set as the first guest. Well, at least if the show’s move doesn’t come with some, shall we say, thematic streamlining, you’re no longer left to wade through the chaos alone.

Nashville Gets Online Aftershow