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The NYPD Will Help Monitor the HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US Art Installation at the Museum of the Moving Image

Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

The Verge is reporting that the New York Police Department will actively help monitor the HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US art installation set up outside the Museum of the Moving Image. The livestream, set up by Shia LaBeouf and artists Rönkkö & Turner, is meant to run for the four-year duration of Donald Trump’s term in office, and while the majority of people who’ve passed in front of its always-watching eye have been peaceful, some have shown up to praise the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. (One instance ended with LaBeouf shouting “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US,” into a man’s ear after he started chanting the Nazi dog-whistle slogan “1488,” which represents the 14 words — “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” — followed by “Heil Hitler.”) The museum’s director of public information, Tomoko Kawamoto, told the Verge, “As an institution devoted to inclusion and diversity, and as a site for everyone, the Museum condemns hate speech in all its forms.” She added, “Out of concern for the safety of all participants, Museum visitors and staff, and the surrounding community, we are monitoring the situation in partnership with the police.” While Kawamoto could not disclose specific details about the working relationship with the NYPD, she did say that they would be in touch with the police on a daily basis.

NYPD to Monitor the HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US Site