How to Do ‘The Movements’ From The OA: A GIF Guide

Hiss. Photo: Netflix

Like Drake’s “Hotline Bling” before it, The OA has gifted the world with an entirely new vocabulary of dance moves. Perhaps you’ve caught yourself stretching your arms and giving your fingertips a little flutter. Or maybe you even go so far as to make hissing sounds as you unfurl your fingers like a flower. Whatever the case may be, the impressive array of interpretive dance moves in The OA, known simply as “The Movements,” are ready at your disposal whenever you’re feeling angry or frustrated or want to bring someone back from the dead. Here’s a little GIF guide to help you out when you want to practice these moves in the mirror for your next séance. Limber up and let’s hop to it:

Step 1: The Illuminati Stretch

Step 2: Hadouken!

Step 3: Get That Beer Pong Ball Out of Your Mouth

Step 4: Catch a Tiger by Its Toe

Step 5: I’m Lovin’ It

Step 6: Gamma Ray!

Step 7: And … Ta-da!

Step 8 Their Eyes Were Watching God

Step 9: It Was Thiiiis Big

Step 10: Human Tetris

Step 11: If Your Soul Leaves Your Body Does It Make a Sound?

Step 12: The Fairy Fart

Step 13: I’m. So. Constipated.

Step 14: The Eyebrows Have Eyes

Step 15: Her Face Is Full of Secrets

The Movements on The OA: A How-To Guide