President Obama Opens Up About Donald Trump, His Legacy As President, and Leaving the White House on 60 Minutes

Though President Obama gave his official farewell address last week, he’s still making his good-bye rounds before Donald Trump takes over his job. In his last interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, Obama talked with Steve Kroft about everything from his accomplishments (a scandal-free administration) to his failures (convincing Congress to move forward with his Supreme Court nominee), and, of course, the topic on everyone’s mind, the president-elect. In keeping with his commitment to make the transition smooth for Trump and his administration, Obama refrained from criticizing his successor, but he did publicly request that, “As we go forward, certain norms, certain institutional traditions don’t get eroded because there’s a reason they’re in place.” Ah, even in 2017 Obama is winning us over with optimism. Watch the clips above and below from the interview.

Obama Talks Trump and His Legacy on 60 Minutes