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Chuck Palahniuk Says the Right’s ‘Special Snowflake’ Diss Came From Fight Club

Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

Today in life imitating art (or at least Brad Pitt movies): “Snowflake,” the pointed diss Tomi Lahren and her crew use to smear liberal Trump detractors, apparently originated with Fight Club. Chuck Palahniuk told the Evening Standard that, whether the far-right knows it or not, he’s certain the characterization originated in his novel. “It does come from Fight Club,” Palahniuk told the paper. “There is a line, ‘You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.’” The author didn’t go into detail about his opinions on Donald Trump’s election, but he did say his decades-old observations about emotional fragility still ring true. “There is a kind of new Victorianism. Every generation gets offended by different things but my friends who teach in high school tell me that their students are very easily offended,” he said. And hey, even if Tomi Lahren is a closet Palahniuk fan, she’d probably never let on given the first rule of Fight Club.

Palahniuk: ‘Snowflake’ Diss Came From Fight Club