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Panda Express Donates to Charity to Resolve Their Fortune-Cookie Twitter Beef With the Killers

2016 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 2
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Governors Ball

Turns out, Panda Express is human after all. After the famous fast-food chain beloved by mall teens the nation over sold fortune cookies reading “Smile like you mean it” — a phrase that’s also the same as a 2004 song by the Killers — the band attacked the chain on Twitter. But rather than embroil themselves in a tedious lawsuit, Panda Express replied with an offer to make a donation to the charity of the Killers’ choosing. The band selected Las Vegas Valley’s Serving Our Kids, a nonprofit that works to feed at-risk and homeless youth. While that’s not the unlimited supply of delicious orange chicken the Killers initially suggested they deserved, if you time your trips to the food court just right, literally anyone can get free Panda Express for life, one toothpick at a time.

Panda Express and the Killers Resolve Beef