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PBS Will Make You Feel Bad About Canceling That Newspaper Subscription With New Series Press

Mike Bartlett, the celebrated playwright behind King Charles III, which will soon be adapted to television for BBC and PBS Masterpiece, is working on a new joint project for the networks: Press. Indiewire reports that the series, which Bartlett has already started writing, will tackle various aspects of the current media landscape, like the 24-hour news cycle, hacks, and the political climate, through the lens of two competing publications. Bartlett is well-versed on the subject — King Charles III posited a near future in which the current Prince Charles ascends to the British throne, where he is confronted with a law that restricts freedom of the press. Bartlett says it’s anybody’s guess how the series will go: “Journalists are under threat in different places. I’m telling a story and I don’t know how it ends. 

PBS Set to Produce Newspaper Series Press