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Wren Is Finally Back on Pretty Little Liars, and He Looks … Different

In the Pretty Little Liars universe, a particular British man named Wren Kingston has long been considered one of the most likely “A” suspects, despite the fact that he hasn’t appeared in an episode since 2013. (That’s season four, people! A damn long time to be away in London!) Back in August series creator I. Marlene King revealed that Wren (portrayed by Julian Morris) would indeed reappear in the second half of the final season, sending the hearts and loins of PLL fans ablaze. Now Entertainment Weekly has the first look of Wren’s valiant return, and he’s, uh … looking a bit different, eh? Congrats to Dr. Kingston, who seemingly got very acquainted with electric hair clippers in London.

Photo: Freeform

Ezra meeting alert! This should be fun for Spencer and Aria.

Photo: Freeform

The final season of PLL returns in April. Any questions?

Pretty Little Liars First Look: Wren Is Back